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Are you ready for Your Most Beautiful Life?
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Finally live your life (again) the way you have always wanted deep in your heart? If that is possible? Of course it is!!

Deep in your heart you know that it can and should work. Yet it doesn't feel that way. You do everything you can. Yet you are unable to turn things around in the usual way and get what you really desire: your most beautiful life.

You may have everything you want to achieve. A family, a beautiful house with all the trimmings, a wonderful family. But this piece of addition is just what you're missing. Just what would make you and your life complete.

Complaints such as a stuck feeling, insomnia and aches here and there. Maybe even a burned out feeling with symptoms of exhaustion. Suddenly the complaints come up. You think there's nothing wrong... the doctor will probably have a solution for me. Very often that is true. My experience is that you suddenly discover that another complaint has arisen. In the next stage you will notice that the complaints become more and/or worse.

Do you know... Your complaints and your body take care of you in this way. They tell you that there is something that needs to be resolved or that you need to pay attention to in order to turn the tide and experience happiness and joy again as you did before. That is your birthright.

I have experienced it myself. And already helped many others. My story began on a day when things could hardly have been worse in terms of my state of mind, health and state of being. On this day I was almost forced by a friend, who hated seeing me like this, to see an energetic therapist: the beginning of the road back to my origins or who I was meant to be and on the way to my most beautiful life. Until now, because I know it can only get better.

The burning desire to help.

The moment of complaints had arrived in my body and life; life tried to push me in the right direction but I didn't realize that at all. I started going faster and faster on the familiar road. The way I've always done it. Because, then,  everything I tried so hard for would turn out to be okay again.

However, it doesn't work that way. Ignoring the messages and signals and pretending your nose is bleeding doesn't help at all. I didn't even take the time. The only solution I knew at that moment was to try harder and keep going.


I didn't really realize that the complaints, my strange moods and the problems that arose as a result were actually signals. I was so busy doing what I was familiar with and didn't take those lessons. I really wanted everything to run smoothly again, but I didn't know how to change course.​


Everything just got worse and worse. Ultimately, I ended up in a severe burnout to the point of depression. Life tried to help me but I couldn't pick it up. Now I know that when you are in it yourself, you have to come from a very good background to see through it yourself and therefore change yourself. In fact, at a deep moment - it shouldn't have happened later - a friend took me to an energetic therapist: the day when everything started to change.

After a long road of therapies, studies and training, a lot of investments in money and time, I am back. Hurrah! The fact that it can turn around like this still moves me every moment of the day.


II know from my own experience that it is indeed possible to stop that downward spiral and move upward again. This realization also gave birth to my burning desire and drive to use everything I have learned and mastered over the years to help women aged around 50 and older to live their best life: this is what you are entitled to after you gave everything for years. In fact, it is your birthright to be happy and live in abundance.


And I can tell you: it goes much faster, is much cheaper, is less intensive and can be completed in a shorter time than was the case with me. The secret lies in the combination of intuitive coaching and wonderful therapy that brings you into balance so that it all happens much faster.

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Faded Shapes

Don't muddle through, but find the right person to help you.
Muddling through is exactly what I've done for years. Blessed by a large dose of willpower and tenacity, I kept going. And it all worked. Eventually it didn't anymore when I completely shut down.
If I had not been forced to go to that energetic therapist then, I don't know what my health and happiness would be like now. Without help I couldn't have unraveled it myself. I was in too deep and you know, you can't actually see it anymore. If you are so stuck, you don't know where to start and how best to work things out.

For years I worked on myself first. Over the past six years, I have been able to successfully guide many clients to their best life after investing time, money, energy and training. For me it cost a lot of money, time and energy. And then all the times I relapsed.

Now I help my clients with all the knowledge, experience and training I have acquired in a quick, effective and targeted manner to find all the causes of their complaints and state of being and then refute them. Many daily complaints then disappear like snow in the sun. Even after the first session, people feel as if a lot of weight has been lost, which is how quickly they wake up.

So don't keep muddling through and know that there is a solution. Know that you are worth as much as anyone else and have just as much right to happiness as anyone else. Go for your happiness and find the right person to help you get started until you can do it yourself again.

If you do nothing, you will notice that your complaints become more persistent and that more and more complaints will appear. How the complaints get worse and eventually become chronic or even worse diseases, how it becomes more difficult to go back to your origins: your state of being and your health as you were meant to be.

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What happens when you place your trust in my hands. I listen to your story lovingly and without judgments and lovingly and purposefully I start from the very first moment with an approach that is completely tailored to you.

This approach consists of a combination of therapy and intuitive well-being and life coaching in which I use different methods to get to the roots of your complaints and problems and eradicate or reverse them. Time and time again I see my clients blossom, turn on and shine as if the light is coming on again.


These underlying causes or roots are the culprits that are our blind spots, making it very difficult for us to unnerve them ourselves. That is why you do not notice them yourself and you cannot know which causes or roots play a role in your complaints.


With my approach, your system - which consists of body, soul and mind - comes into balance. This activates your own self-healing capacity. This will take effect and your system will be reset. Complaints then disappear like snow in the sun. And you will experience peace and balance from the first session: you have taken the first steps towards your best life.

Your superpower.
With great effort I embraced the power within myself to get out of that situation of being paralyzed, sick and unhappy. And I wish for you
the same.You too can embrace your own superpower and start living your best life. That does not depend on your circumstances but on yourself. The key lies entirely with you. And I'd love to help you find it again.​
En ik help je graag die weer te vinden.

Gelukkige vrouw


Do you experience one or more of these complaints?

Stress * ADHD / PDDNOS * Sleep problems * Whiplash * Headaches * Physical complaints * Tinnitus * Highly Sensitive * Overstimulated * Burnout * Money blocks * Emotionally blocked? *unhappy* Distraught * Energetically blocked? * Abuse in all conceivable forms * Sports injury *


Is your complaint not listed? Any non-congenital complaint can be treated. These non-congenital complaints can be addressed by your own self-healing ability and by your own body with some help from me.

​Seize this opportunity with both hands and feel free to contact us to discuss any objections you may have. Do it and I assure you that you will find out that it is all very normal and certainly body-oriented. In addition, you will be in balance as a whole - body, soul and spirit. And you'll wonder why you didn't pick this up sooner. For sure.

Are you ready?

Will you continue to follow the old track? Or will you give this "new but not real" approach a chance? In fact: Are you giving yourself the chance for a better life, or your most beautiful life? A beautiful life regardless of the circumstances and everything that happens around you?

Because that is ultimately my passion and burning desire for you. To make it possible for you to be happy in peace and harmony with yourself, your family and friends and everything around us. As free as possible from complaints and problems that currently make this impossible or difficult.

You are here on earth to experience happiness and abundance. If not, then something is getting in the way. The only right way to solve that is to find this obstacle and remove it. You usually need someone who can listen, hear, see and recognize openly and without judgement, in order to find the blockages and reverse or resolve them.

Lot van Zuuk, Regenesis Master en Coach.

Dear Lot, where can I start... First of all, you are such a nice person, from day 1 I felt safe and at ease with you.
Completely out of balance due to a divorce with varying physical complaints, I decided to grant myself therapy/coaching from you. I thought I was worthy of feeling nice and comfortable and healthy!
You have given all of this back to me through several treatment sessions. I can recommend to everyone what you do and pass on to people! Just as a gift for yourself, but also because it really works. Lot knows exactly what she is doing and adapts the therapy/coaching at the time or where it is needed.

Thank you for all the wonderful moments dear Lot and I know... our paths will never part!

Love, Yanaika

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