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​How did it come to this? What are the causes of your complaints and problems?

How does an illness, burnout or complaint arise and why should you visit Lot van Zuuk in Dronten?

Every problem, of whatever nature, has a core. This arose at some point, usually early in childhood. Over time, because of what you have experienced and learned in your life, a problem can grow. This chance is particularly high if an experience, belief or emotion is negatively confirmed several times. This development usually occurs unconsciously and unnoticed. You may not even notice that the problem is present for years and the following negative experiences and feelings will follow. You can speak of a stack.

Our cells renew themselves every once in a while. During the renewal, all old stored information is included. You could speak of a spiral accumulation of stressful experiences.

Blockages very deep in your consciousness and in your system.
On the outside, your problem becomes visible in the way you act; a range of predominant response patterns such as negative thoughts, behaviors, emotions, fears, etc. These are protective mechanisms that always keep you as far away from pain and danger as possible. The brain is genetically programmed to avoid deeply stored negative experiences, traumas, unsafe feelings, vulnerability, etc. These only become further hidden, but continue to influence your state of being.

You identify yourself with the problem because that is the way you show yourself. This makes perfect sense because it is the way the problem presents itself in your life. And it is precisely these visible problematic expressions that are wrongly seen as the cause of your complaints. The real causes that have been hidden far away will present themselves at a certain point in the form of complaints, obstacles and diseases.

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Can you get rid of it?

Yes, it is precisely these deeply hidden causes of the visible complaints and diseases in the physical, emotional and psychological areas that are eradicated using the particularly effective approach of Regenesis therapy combined with intuitive coaching at Live your Most Beautiful Life, Therapy and Coaching Lot van Zuuk. released and bent. Only when these obstacles and blockages have been released or reversed will healing occur and you can start living your best life.

Read more here to get an idea about the session at Lot van Zuuk in Flevoland -Dronten.


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