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What can you expect?

After the interview and agreement to implement the treatment plan, an alignment is always first performed to correct any misalignment of the atlas and the rotator (atlas therapy). Your base - the skeleton - is supplied with energy from top to bottom. A correct position of your spine is necessary so that it is possible to adapt to the ever-changing life circumstances.

We are also working to gain insight into the cause of your complaints. Sometimes it is necessary to make agreements with each other about changing your way of life and thinking and/or adjusting your diet. Or exercises can be agreed to help you restore your energy. This is all different per person.

You learn to take charge of your own health. Through a conscious lifestyle and by removing burdensome factors, the self-healing capacity comes into action. This improves your health, allows you to recover from an illness and gives you more energy.


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1. The beginning: Atlas therapy or Atlas correction

Each session starts with an atlas correction. Atlas therapy is achieved through light finger and hand touches on the first cervical vertebra to restore the atlas and rotator teeth. The head rests on these vertebrae and these two vertebrae are usually slightly crooked from birth, which can worsen later due to a fall or an accident.

The body is activated without any form of manipulation and any misalignment is corrected. Due to the influence on the nerve pathways, many complaints can be treated from here. In fact: this is often the cause and many complaints will disappear after the atlas correction and alignment.-

2. The alignment of the spine, pelvis and rib cage

Misalignment or shifts in the spine could be caused during birth or in an accident, fall or sports injury. The further alignment helps the skeleton to adopt the correct position. But above all, this alignment affects a large number of nerves and organs.

Any blockages such as stored emotions, anger, disappointments and sadness are released. Click on this link: video for additional information about the alignment.

3. your specific complaint

I will then continue with addressing your complaint. By gently touching the nerve nodes on the body, I send energy to all the cells in that area. Each cell has a blueprint that stores how the cell was originally supposed to be. The cells return to their original state through the energy and this is where the healing that we are concerned with takes place.

The body is one whole. The holistic part of this therapy means that your complaint area is treated, but also the part of your body that is related to your complaint. For example, when treating tinnitus, I not only treat the ears, but also the jaws, sinuses, head, circulatory system and kidneys, spleen and liver.

4. Last but not least.

In addition to therapy, we look for the causes, obstacles and beliefs that arose and/or were installed a long time ago. This part of the approach is essential. As soon as we have identified this and have been able to reverse or eliminate it, recovery will occur. In addition, the entire approach continues to work and you will experience positive consequences years later.


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A session at Live Your Most Beautiful Life ensures that you listen better to your body and your feelings. You learn where your boundaries are and you learn to guard your boundaries. This will make your relationships and contacts run more smoothly. In short: These sessions have much more impact than one can initially imagine! It works deeper and further and only for the better.

How do you experience the session?

While administering the energy you can feel soft energy waves flowing. Sometimes there is even a clear feeling of drainage through the hands or feet. It could be more intense. One thing is certain: everything that arises and happens during a Regenesis session is only for a good purpose and is usually short and sometimes intense. It always passes quickly. My experience is that clients quickly forget this and feel a lot better and clearer after just one session.

Read more about the origins of your complaints here.

-Your life changes forever and you are able to take up and carry out your work, life and other beautiful things in life with even more enthusiasm and passion.



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