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Do you recognize this?.....Is it a burnout or not?

Terribly tired and nothing is the same as before!

Your alarm goes off and you hear it in the distance. You can't open your eyes and it feels like you just fell asleep. "Is it really 7am already? I'm so tired and I can't get out!" you think to yourself. You groan and try to use your willpower to get out of bed. After a lot of effort you succeed, but you are exhausted. You can't get up at all and you don't know what to do. You don't understand anything. It slowly dawns on you that it has been a very long time since you were able to get out of bed with great energy. That it has become more and more difficult lately.

All those emotions! Where do they come from?

It also dawns on you that you cry very often and find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what you are doing. You would prefer to be somewhere on a deserted island where nothing had to be done. Nothing is necessary because you cannot bring yourself to do anything or concentrate on anything. All those people who keep demanding and asking from you would then be at a very safe distance and you? You would rest! Until you can put it all together and do it again.


What if this continues?

You get no control over it. No matter how much you want it. Especially because you do not want to lose your job and the chance of continuing your life as you were used to is also threatened. And then you also have the children and/or your company. What will happen next if this doesn't stop? Can you keep your job? Or your company? How are you going to pay all the bills? How long will I stay so sick that I can't work? These are all serious questions and things that you are increasingly concerned about.

Things haven't been going so well for a while. Fatigue doesn't seem to get any better, headaches, insomnia, feeling rushed, forgetful, depressed and it's becoming increasingly difficult to get yourself to do anything..

A burnout has many symptoms that occur before you actually realize that you have a burnout. This is because the body tries with all its might to make it clear that the limit has (almost) been reached. By continuously ignoring this and literally 'passing ourselves by', the stress process continues, resulting in a complete disruption of the systems: burnout.

Do you have a burnout?

Suddenly it dawns on you: You have a burnout and the burnout complaints are bringing you down.

What now? Sit at home and wait for things to improve naturally? I did that 6 years ago now. No… That is not the right solution.

The golden combination of Regenesis healing and coaching at Praktijk & Coaching Lot van Zuuk offers you a solution:

  You and I will tackle that burnout effectively and ensure that you lose it.

  You regain your own strength and soon you can do everything yourself again.

  They like you again at home and at work.

  You will also receive tools to recognize a possible relapse and to pick yourself up again

  You are once again in control of your life and your happiness.

I would like to give you some tips that you can already apply:

  In the morning or at any desired and suitable time, stand upright with your eyes closed and your arms relaxed at your sides with your hands open. Rock your feet a few times until you feel you are standing properly. Feel how the soles of your feet make contact with the ground or floor. Then imagine large, thick roots sprouting from your feet and growing deep into the earth into the core of the earth. Once there, they secured themselves around a large piece of crystal. Feel what it does to you. Feel how big and strong you feel like a large Sequoia tree and how your branches sway nicely and flexibly with the wind. You are so big and powerful that you can withstand all winds and storms. Hold on to this feeling and do this exercise again during the day.

  Secondly, I recommend that you take a walk in nature every day. Start with 10 minutes a day and build up. During your walk, also try to pay attention to everything you see in nature. Birds and trees, flowers and insects. At this moment you can already see the small balls on the branches of the trees that will soon become the leaves. See how beautifully nature begins to live again. Watch birds fly with twigs in their beaks to build their nests. When you succeed, realize that you are in the here and now. That is the place where we should be and where we can experience optimal happiness. In the here and now!

The symptoms of a burnout reveal themselves in 7 different areas. Read more.

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