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Lot van Zuuk, Regenesis Master en Coach.


How do I know that it is really possible to change the course of your life from one day to the next and thus take the first steps towards your best life?


When I look back, it is so bizarre to recognize how at a certain point I ended up on a different life path than I should have. I was guided by factors and people outside of me.

Deep in my heart I felt that everything was not going as I wanted. However, I couldn't change it. It had become second nature to consider everything around me more important and not myself at all. I did make the choices, but always on the basis that it had to serve everyone around me.

The time for complaints arrived; life tried to push me in the right direction. I worked hard and a lot, but I became increasingly distant from my own self. From the connection with myself and from my own superpower.

I worked a lot and hard and just kept going. I tried harder and harder; however, everything moved in the opposite direction. My health and everything I worked for became increasingly distant from me. Ultimately, I ended up in a severe burnout to the point of depression. Life tried to help me but I thought it was all meant to be. that certainly wasn't the way.

My vision
My vision is that we humans - all people in the world - know that we do not have to assume that everything is as it is. On the contrary: everyone can experience happiness, peace and love regardless of life circumstances. And it is very easy to reach too. As long as you know how to do it and as long as you have the right guidance. A more beautiful world and your most beautiful life are absolutely possible if we leave the old behind us and are open to the better way of looking at and dealing with all circumstances, including yourself.

My mission

It started with a visit to an energetic therapist when I reached my lowest point. That day I began to see light in the darkness again. It didn't take long before one day I felt more or less like my old self again.That was the moment when I suddenly knew what my mission was: to help as many people as possible to see that it is much easier than you think to experience happiness, abundance and love.I remember that cover like it was yesterday. It is simply impossible to describe in words how I suddenly realized that everything was no longer hurtling downwards but in the other direction. The side of happiness, love, peace, joy and abundance.


Who am I?
I am so convinced that this is possible and have seen it happen several times over the past 6 years. With a gentle hand and in a loving manner without judging you and all the people around you, I give you that backup and we look for those hindering factors to unnerve them with patience and perseverance. I train you intuitively - I am constantly feeling and tuning in to where you are - and with various methods tailored to you to arrive at that moment when everything changes. You will experience how wonderful this moment feels and how everything goes in the right direction from that moment on.

It is an ongoing process and every time I really enjoy seeing how this transformation and realization takes place and how my client takes the right path and lives her best life.


Zij golft weer als vanouds.jpg

Do you think I am the coach and therapist who can help you live your best life? Please complete the contact form via the button below. I will then contact you as soon as possible. Looking forward to you!

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