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Regenesis therapy has been scientifically researched.

This healing therapy is nothing more than a semi-physical approach in which I pay particular attention to the body processes and which organs belong to them. For example, in the event of a burnout, I tackle all the hormone glands to optimize the glands themselves and improve communication among themselves and with the organs. The various glands come to rest and the processes are optimized: peace in the head and body and improvement in your state of being.

Due to the nature of the therapy, you are not only relieved and optimized physically, but also mentally and emotionally.
I also work on points for general well-being and coach you to prevent relapse and gain awareness of your pitfalls. I also provide various tips and advice specifically applicable to you.​

Regenesis therapy has been proven effective based on the scientific research of Regenesis Healing and the Blue Dot Energy at the Bioenergetic Medicine Research Center in California (BEMG).
It has been known for years that the body is a very complex electromagnetic instrument, and that the body's natural electromagnetic fields and currents play a major role in all aspects of health, disease and healing. Based on this, we can apply bio-electro, bio-magnetic or energetic therapeutic interventions.​

The Scientific Results of Regenesis Healing

The first research program was to study the effectiveness of a biomagnetic/energetic therapy called Regenesis. This therapy uses the so-called Blue Dot Energy that employees of Wilhelm Reich discovered during a study in Australia.
Regenesis was developed by Robert Rasmussen of Santa Cruz, California.
During Regenesis, cellular energy is generated to increase the resonance frequency of the magnetic field.


Evidence and experiences


Rasmusson's energetic method has proven remarkably effective in treating a wide range of conditions and no adverse reactions have been noted.
Robert Rasmussen applied Blue Dot Energy to his clients, affecting his client's field and initiating the healing process.

The resonant frequency of the bio-magnetic/energetic field created by Regenesis has been empirically shown to have, among others, the following properties when properly applied:

   Relieving both acute and chronic pain.

   Relieving stress (including severe stress).

   Inhibiting the inflammatory process.

   Painless adjustment of the bone structure, which leads to the disappearance of secondary pain.

   Promotion of the functioning of the immune system, resulting in the improvement of immune-related diseases. (where the immune system    actually turns against the body instead of protecting it).

   the optimization of the body cells. the body processes, the organs and the entire body.

   the bio-magnetic or energetic field of our being effortlessly releases the negative cell memory. cell memory that continues to play a role in the background. Even though you no longer think about those events and they no longer bother you.

   Almost all non-congenital complaints can be treated.

   You are resetted and you have become who you were meant to be: you have become the best version of yourself.

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