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What you get and what you invest in yourself:

A treatment process consists of a treatment plan as we discuss with each other by jointly determining your goal. Within the program, the sessions take place by appointment.

During the first appointment we will conduct an intake interview and jointly identify your complaints. We also determine a goal together, after which we can put together a treatment plan. You undergo the treatment fully clothed but without shoes. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and bring warm socks.

Your investment in yourself:
To provide clarity, I transform every successful approach into a treatment process. For example: you come to me because of a burn-out. Experience shows that after about 7 sessions you can be well on your way to regaining control of your life. This treatment process provides you knowing exactly what you can expect and you also know what you will invest in yourself. The best investment in yourself because of this combined approach from different angles.
It is a total package with the goal to make you experience a complete new level of happiness, joy and compassion.

The healing and transformation process goes as follows:

  •      7 coaching sessions via Zoom: looking for the roots of your complaints and problems that you encounter and eradicating them from the root.

  •      7 healing sessions: focus on the physical, mental and/or emotional complaints you experience and your overall well-being.

  •      Work 7 times on the ingrained habits and behaviors that have led to the current situation. And these are adapted to a habit or behavior that suits you.

  •      At the end you will receive a workbook from me in which all the methodologies and tools specifically tailored to you are collected.

  •      You will gain insight into your pitfalls, regain your strength and experience some shifts that will make your life feel fantastic again and happiness will always be within reach.

  •      In the meantime, I am available via WhatsApp or by e-mail if you feel stuck or when you  are experiencing an emergency.

  •      The price of this route is Euro 888,00

If you choose this route, you will receive much, much more than you can imagine:

  •     The serious burnout complaints will either have disappeared or be greatly reduced. Perhaps you still need some monthly guidance and healing.

  • You have control over yourself again. Your body does what your head wants again.  

  • You can work and rebuild again.

  • You will feel alive and human again.

  • Once you are back on track - partly thanks to your toolbox - you will no longer feel as before and you will feel better and more in your own power.

  • You are prepared for the better and happier rest of your life and you can always continue to use the tools or even transfer them to your family members and friends.

I am happy to help you, with love, to be your own best version again and to experience happiness, joy and inner peace.


Kind regards,

​Lot van Zuuk
00316 24301590

Just ask me any question, send me an e-mail or call me  to let go of your blocks in order to start living your perfect live full of love, happiness, joy and laughter.

Thank you so much for your request. I will contact you as soon as possible.

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